Leafarise: a Mobile App for Gardeners


The plants screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
All plants in your garden are displayed here


A row of tomatoes on the planting screen
Adding an apple tree in Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
Adding an apple tree


The calendar screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
With Leafarise you can manage your garden tasks


The journal screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
The garden diary
  • Learn from your success and mistakes. How much fertilizer does this plant need? When should perennials be divided? You will never forget this anymore.
  • Avoid extra expenses on plants you don’t like. If a plant isn’t good enough for your garden, write a note about it in the garden journal to avoid unnecessary purchases in the future.
  • A better pest control. We’re facing with pests annually. Looking at the previous experience it’s easIer to pick the right time to fight pests.
  • Turn ideas into a plan. Don’t miss ideas: add them to your garden journal so you don’t forget them.
  • Never lose your garden journal. It is kept safe and available to you from any device.
  • Access everywhere. It’s always in your pocket, even when you’re gardening.

Future plans

  • Visual garden layout editor.
  • Family access.
  • Task reminders.
  • AI for analyzing and improving your gardening behavior.
  • …and many more!




iOS/Android developer

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Andrey Gordeev

Andrey Gordeev

iOS/Android developer

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