Leafarise: a Mobile App for Gardeners

Andrey Gordeev
3 min readNov 14, 2020

Gardening is not easy. To facilitate the gardening experience we have created Leafarise.

Leafarise is a mobile app that helps to be a better gardener. With Leafarise you can organize your garden, track its performance and keep the garden diary.


The plants screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
All plants in your garden are displayed here

The plants screen shows all the plants the gardener has in his garden. This includes flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. It is also helpful to indicate the plant variety. For example: Rosa ‘Bonica’ or Cucumber ‘La Diva’.


A row of tomatoes on the planting screen

This is where all garden beds are located. This includes flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees. The user can select the soil type, sunlight exposure and planting date.

A planting can be of two types: a multiple planting and a single planting. It’s very easy to distinguish between them. A multiple planting can consist of many plants. Consider, for example, a flower bed, a carrot bed, or a row of apricot trees. On the other hand, a single planting is one plant planted. For example, an apple tree, or a family oak.

Adding an apple tree in Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
Adding an apple tree

This will give you a complete list of plants and plantings in your garden. Awesome!


The calendar screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
With Leafarise you can manage your garden tasks

Tasks are useful for planning garden related works. They can also be linked with a planting, just like notes. For example, a gardener can create a “Harvest tomatoes” task and link it with the tomatoes bed he previously created on the plantings screen. In this case, the task will automatically appear in the “Calendar” window of this plant. Convenient and familiar calendar view makes it easy to navigate through the months.

The tasks you add are also displayed on the journal screen.


The journal screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
The garden diary

The journal screen is useful for keeping all your garden related notes and tasks. The gardener can write what was done in the garden today, or describe some observations made. Garden notes can be linked to a planting on the plantings screen. Here’s how keeping a garden diary helps with the garden improvement:

  • Learn from your success and mistakes. How much fertilizer does this plant need? When should perennials be divided? You will never forget this anymore.
  • Avoid extra expenses on plants you don’t like. If a plant isn’t good enough for your garden, write a note about it in the garden journal to avoid unnecessary purchases in the future.
  • A better pest control. We’re facing with pests annually. Looking at the previous experience it’s easIer to pick the right time to fight pests.
  • Turn ideas into a plan. Don’t miss ideas: add them to your garden journal so you don’t forget them.

Using a mobile app for this comes with even greater benefits:

  • Never lose your garden journal. It is kept safe and available to you from any device.
  • Access everywhere. It’s always in your pocket, even when you’re gardening.

Future plans

Our mission is to create the best app for gardeners around the world. We have a long roadmap with interesting features for you. Here are some of them:

  • Visual garden layout editor.
  • Family access.
  • Task reminders.
  • AI for analyzing and improving your gardening behavior.
  • …and many more!

Leafarise is a good fit for any gardener. Get early access now, free of charge:

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