A Mobile App That Prevents Annoying Mistakes in Our Garden

Andrey Gordeev
2 min readNov 18, 2020


Such stories happen to each of us. Our family owns a garden where we grow various vegetables and fruits. In 2018 we started growing carrots in our garden. It was a very good variety of large, sweet, bright orange carrots. We were very happy with the big harvest.


Next spring we decided to plant this variety again. We tried to remember the name of this variety, but with no luck. The bag was thrown away, and the purchase history was not preserved. We were desperate… Choosing the right variety is not easy, since our soil is not very good. Because of this, in 2019, choosing a carrot variety was again like a lottery.

This problem could be easily avoided if we had written down the name of the variety we liked in a safe place. To solve this problem (and many others) we created Leafarise: a mobile app for gardeners. Among other functions, Leafarise allows us to keep a garden journal in a convenient form. Now, when buying seeds, we make an entry about this in our garden journal and attach a photo.

Adding a garden diary entry in Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
A journal entry can be linked with our carrot bed

Carrots do not need fertilization, but it is helpful to write this down for other plants such as tomatoes and fruit trees. We also record how much was harvested in order to compare varieties with each other and choose the best.

The journal screen in Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
This is how our garden journal looks like

Keeping garden notes in Leafarise is easy, fast and convenient. My phone is always in the pocket, even when I’m in the garden. I can take a photo or check info about my plants at any time. It is impossible to lose data, even if I have lost my phone, because all data is safely stored on the server.

Get early access to Leafarise now if you’re interested. All early adopters get free lifetime access to the app. Here are instructions:

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