Gardening is not easy. To facilitate the gardening experience we have created Leafarise.

Leafarise is a mobile app that helps to be a better gardener. With Leafarise you can organize your garden, track its performance and keep the garden diary.


The plants screen of Leafarise mobile app for gardeners
All plants in your garden are displayed here

The plants screen shows all the plants the gardener has…

Such stories happen to each of us. Our family owns a garden where we grow various vegetables and fruits. In 2018 we started growing carrots in our garden. It was a very good variety of large, sweet, bright orange carrots. We were very happy with the big harvest.


Next spring…

Recently I’ve released iOS social network app template called Socium. Here I’d like to share with you my knowledge learned from developing it.

List of features

First of all, we need to write down a list of features we want to see in the app. …

One of important features missing in Parse Server is background scheduled job functionality. In this doc Parse Team recommends us to use kue for this purpose. Well, let’s check it out!

kue is open source Node.js module, developed for managing a priority job queue. However, it doesn’t allow to schedule…

Have you ever tried to implement such effect as lightning for your iOS game? In this article I’m going to describe three ways I found to create a lightning effect with a decent quality:

  • SKShapeNode.
  • CAShapeLayer.
  • SKSpriteNodes.

For each of them we need to compose a path for our lightning…

I’m keep looking for ways of making the process of creating iOS apps a bit simpler and faster. I’m also trying to avoid code related to UI elements as much as possible, and move this effort to Xcode Interface Builder. Fortunately, Xcode offers some nice possibilities for this.

I created…

Andrey Gordeev

iOS/Android developer

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